End of the Line

Sabres lose in Philadelphia 2-1

The latest must win game for Buffalo in a two month span of must win games although this was the most must win of the must wins. And that sentence was the most terrible of the most terrible. The Sabres had to win to keep pace with either Washington or Florida and make Saturday important. Although you may not have been able to tell. 

The Sabres didn’t exactly look flat, but also didn’t look like a team who would be on the outside looking in after the game if they lost. On one hand, I can’t blame them. I should have been really stoked for tonight. The ramifications of the game were immense and my excitement for the game did not match it at all. So I can’t really jump down the Sabres’ throats too much. We know they were capable of a lackluster effort and when I wasn’t jacked up, there’s no reason for me to be upset in that area. Especially on the heels of the PIT/TOR/TOR run where a clear head might have seen that the gas has run out. Granted, the potential was there to ride the ending of the Toronto game through these last two games to possibly make it, but what actually happened was obviously just as possible. It is a shame to waste such a crazy momentum game, though.

A combination of injuries and playing out of their skulls for the past month and a half has finally caught up to the Sabres. I’m not as outraged as you might be, I think all of that was spent in January. Disappointed of course but I feel like I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling no different. Playoff hockey will still be fantastic, it just won’t be as fantastic as it could be. The problems existed all season long and this was just a fun ride to enjoy instead of watching Buffalo dredge through the rest of the season. A higher pick would’ve been nice but that’s way too early to judge. 

Time to enjoy the playoffs with no real vested interest, which is almost more enjoyable. Boston won last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to more of that this year. The immense pressure and nervousness that accompany Sabres games is enjoyable but there is value in having no team in it as well. 

More to come in the next couple of weeks. Season recap, review, analysis and of course looking forward to the draft and free agency. I may even having a rooting post, outlining my choices for teams in the playoffs and post updates every so often on the playoffs. 

Good night, Buffalo. It certainly was interesting. 

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